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Markus Howard & Michale Kyser get into a conflict, two players ejected / News - Basketnews.com


After Michale Kyser blocked Markus Howard's layup, the two got into an altercation, receiving unsportsmanlike fouls for their conduct.


Yesterday, Cazoo Baskonia Vitoria-Gasteiz took a convincing win against Surne Bilbao Basket. However, an episode that captured the viewers' attention the most happened when the game clock was stopped.

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With just over 7 minutes left in the fourth quarter and Baskonia leading 64-61, Markus Howard drove to the basket and got his shot blocked by Bilbao's Michale Kyser. The interaction between the players did not end there though.

When Howard fell to the ground after his layup, he didn't put his legs down with Kyser standing on top of him. That provoked the Bilbao forward and the two got into an altercation.

After a push by each of the players, Kyser pushed Howard with his hands in the guard's face. With the action and referees' attention on the other side of the court, Arturs Kurucs and Sander Raieste came in off the bench to separate the players.

Ultimately, even Baskonia's head coach Joan Penarroya walked in, pushing the players away from the altercation.

Both Howard and Kyser received unsportsmanlike fouls while Kurucs and Raieste were given disqualifying fouls for leaving the bench area during a fighting scenario.

"I want players who play with heart while being respectful towards the opponent and Kyser has shown no signs of not being so. If you are kicked, you are still less respectful [than he was]," Bilbao's head coach Jaume Ponsarnau said after the game.

Joan Penarroya, meanwhile, was critical of the decision to give Howard an unsportsmanlike foul as well.

"It seems quite unbalanced to me to match the two unsportsmanlike fouls," he said.

Markus Howard-Michale Kyser altercation:

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